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Reaching Out Project




You are invited to participate…If you are:

  • A young woman between the ages 19-24
  • First Nations,  Metis  OR Someone who has faced any of the following challenges during their life experience


Multi-barriers issues such as:

  • Poverty
  • Low Education
  • Housing Barriers
  • Transportation Issues
  • Lack of Self Identity
  • Needs Enhanced Employment Skills
  • Addictions/Mental Health

Young Women that want to share ideas and suggestions in a group setting to make a positive change for young women. Bring your voice and be a part of positive change for yourself and other young women in community! Interested in sharing your thoughts on issues young women face today and how to create effective change in our community for your women call us at 250-554-1176.

Light Snacks & Refreshments will be provided

Together we will…

  • Learn from each other
  • Listen and understand
  • Guide each other
  • Connect to everyone
  • Train our minds
  • Mentor others
  • Become Leaders
  • We will create positive changes on how community views issues that surround young women


Our Introduction…we would like to take this opportunity to introduce the “Status of Women Project” 2013. This project is an initiative that will be important to our community and will be driven by young women for young women.

The project will encompass the blending of traditional teachings and western practices while strengthening and empowering young women between the ages of 19-24.

The Reaching Out Project Intro Letter for Community Partners can be seen by clicking the button.

Reaching Out Intro Letter


The purpose of the project is to work towards the improvement of economic prosperity and healthy lifestyles for First Nations, Metis and Multi-barrier young women.

The plan…from these sessions the young women will plan, develop and implement and deliver an awareness campaign promoting economic prosperity for young women and create and promote positive changes on how community views and reacts to barriers that this age and gender group face on a daily basis in order to gain economic prosperity.

What is the Project?

This project will allow young women to design their own empowerment program to promote positive change. The brochure of the Reaching out Project can be downloaded by clicking the button.

Reaching Out Brochure


Definition of Empowerment

Empowerment can have a variety of meanings, but it mainly means the increase of the spiritual, economic, social, and strength of a person or group of persons.

  • Reduce the stigma and challenges around young women’s issues that you encounter today
  • Outcomes of the group discussions will lead to you helping build an Awareness Campaign
  •  The Campaigns will be  used to promote positive change by young women, for young women


The project is lead cooperatively with community through a voluntary panel of community representatives from all scopes of community agencies and business members along with Women who offer a lived experience background to contribute to the direction of the project. This project truly is community driven and lead!

If you are interested to attend a workshop for the Reaching Out Project, please fill the Workshop Request Form which can be downloaded from the button below.

Reaching Out Workshop Request Form