Generation Now Empowerment Program

Generation Now Empowerment Program

Support For Success:

White Buffalo Indigenous Urban Services would like to introduce our newest program to the community — the Generation Now Empowerment program. It will encompass a blend of traditional teachings and western practices while strengthening and empowering youth between the ages of 15–24.

The purpose of the program is to help Indigenous youth lead a healthy lifestyle and reach their full potential. With the assistance of a youth worker, the youth will receive guidance in setting concrete goals, and be given the support they need over a period of 6 to 8 months to make a successful journey towards self-actualization. We believe that all youth should have the opportunity to reach their social, emotional, physical, and spiritual potential. The teenage/young adult years are often challenging with many transitions and change.

Supports offered to Indigenous youth:

• Gain life skills
• Develop cultural connections
• Learn how to make healthy choices
• Make meaningful connections with their community
• Gain independence and achieve desired goals

Youth will work one-on-one with our Youth Worker to discuss a plan and what supports are needed to achieve their goals.

We operate from a client-centred approach to meet the unique and individual needs of each youth.

For support services call Community Mental Health Intake at 250-377-6500. If your need is urgent, call the Crisis Team at 250-377-0088.