Gift Givers Indigenous Family Support Program

Gift Givers Indigenous Family Support Program

Supporting Development and Growth in Children and Family

The Gift Givers Family Support Program is a unique community-based program established to support the right of primary responsibility of Aboriginal families to protect and support the growth and development of their children.

The program uses a decolonizing, anti-oppressive social work practice approach to support parent’s growth and personal development so the risk of child removal is diminished.

Program Goals include:

  • Strengthening family connections
  • Repairing family wounds/stories
  • Creating healthy relationships
  • Reconnecting with parent roles and responsibilities
  • Increasing confidence in the strength of family traditions and culture

Program Services:
When First Nations Band of Aboriginal Community representation is unavailable or unwanted, an Aboriginal representative will provide the support.

  • Support for families facing child protection involvement
  • Parenting groups and personal development programs
  • One-to-one wellness wheel balancing
  • Relationship strengthening (couples and parent/child)
  • Support with ‘parenting after separation’ course

We use a holistic approach, and work to understand each family’s unique situation.

For support services call Community Mental Health Intake at 250-377-6500. If your need is urgent, call the Crisis Team at 250-377-0088.